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Alliance Sages offers an immersive adventure in dungeons using your favorite waifus. They have the unique ability to come up with a variety of strategies, and they will help you increase the strength of your character you summon.

About the game Alliance Sages

Alliance Sages is a mobile game application that is part of that category called role-playing games (RPGs). The game was designed and launched by GameDuchy in the year 2020. It is accessible for the iOS and Android platforms.


The game Alliance Sages, players take on the role of a hero charged with defending the world from a sinister force that is threatening to destroy it. The players must explore the game environment, accomplish quests and take on various enemies in order to advance through the story of the game.


Alliance Sages features a variety of characters players can choose to play as and add to their team. Each character comes with their own unique skills and character traits and players are able to mix and mix characters to make the ideal team.


The game has combat that is based on turns. It lets players make their actions in a strategic manner. Players can utilize their characters’ abilities and talents to beat enemies and advance through the story. The game also has boss fights that present challenging and demanding plan and execution to prevail.


Alliance Sages features multiplayer elements that let players team together with other players from all over the globe. Members can join guilds and take part in guild-sponsored tournaments and battles that provide significant rewards and encourage cooperation.

Equipment and Upgrades

The game comes with a range of items players can gather and then use to improve their character’s stats and capabilities. The players can also upgrade their characters through collecting experience points that allow them to unlock new skills and abilities.

Graphics and Sound

Alliance Sages features stunning graphics that bring the world of the game to life. The game’s characters as well as the environments are rendered beautifully and create an enjoyable game experience. The game’s sound effects as well as music add to the overall atmosphere and enhance the overall gaming experience.