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*The game text has been fully translated into English.
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Sep 22, 2023
Oct 15, 2023
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*The game text has been fully translated into English.

More than 12,000 units battle on the battlefield!
Unique battlefield feeling made possible by our unique engine!
Monster training and organization strategy game!

– Game Overview –
Collect summonable demons, train, organize, and battle them.
The enemy is an army of humans who have destroyed your family and empire.
Become "Princess Alvia," a mixed blood with the demon tribe, and lead their souls.

– Game system –
This is a game with large army VS large army formation tactics + monster training elements.
More than 12000 units will fight on the battlefield.
Players can only move and use summoning magic, and cannot attack directly.
One battalion has a maximum of 1000 units, and players can freely organize this one battalion.
Others contract with mercenary groups or fight together with groups of stray monsters.
In Multiverse War, you can also pit units formed by other players against each other.
Hunting grounds (areas) are generated infinitely, so you can play until you get bored.
The story part (tutorial) is fully voiced in Japanese.

– About AVARIS –
The first "AVARIS" was released 22 years ago in 2001.
It recorded hundreds of thousands of downloads on each site in total.
This is the latest version of the game.

– Original game engine that has evolved –
Three years have passed since the last game, Vaster Claws 3, and the dedicated game engine has been improved to achieve a higher quality than Vaster Claws 3 (grass that can be stepped on, underwater expressions, terrain rise and fall, shadows based on sunlight, etc.), and a large army vs. large army.
It works fine on a phone about 6 years old.
We hope you will enjoy this oh-parts-class program!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.42 - 8.0 07/11/2023
1.33 - 8.0 22/10/2023
1.25 - 8.0 29/09/2023

What's new

10/16: Has been updated.
9/23/2023: Official release has started.



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