Supabets – Sporting Winnings

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Sep 29, 2023
TarTe Dev
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A football-themed quiz that will keep you entertained for a long time. There is only one supabets photo and four answer choices. The player only needs to correctly identify the athlete's first and last name. There are a total of 10 questions. At the end the statistics are tallied with the number of correct answers. The quiz has no timer and there is no time limit. When an answer is chosen, you only have to press the appropriate button to continue. You have to be attentive – you won't be able to go back. Simple controls will allow you to quickly pass the quiz. If difficulties arise, it is worth looking at the player's uniform. For example, the colours of FC Porto supabets are laconic: white and blue. The jersey has wide vertical stripes. The sleeves and shorts are solid blue. Knowing such nuances, it is easier to identify the name and surname of a football player. You can find photos of athletes from Spanish, Portuguese and other popular clubs in the world. They are all known to football fans. Therefore, you should not be afraid of having trouble guessing. You do not need much supabets time to pass the quiz. You can play in any environment. Controls are done with a touch of a finger on the screen. So, it's easy to take the quiz in transport or in a queue. Try it with your friends. Find out how well they know football.